Cat Sitting Services in Miami Florida

Cat Sitting Services in South Florida:

305Doggie offers the best cat sitting service in the South Florida Area. Cats are happier in their own environment. Call on 305Doggie to come visit your cat while you are out of town. For each visit our Professional Pet Sitters will provide your cats with lots of love and affection fresh food, fresh water, and a clean litterbox for your cats during your absence.

Each 20 minute cat visit includes:

  • Provide fresh food and fresh water
  • Ensure the cleanliness of all utensils and dishes used
  • Scoop, clean and/or change the litter box
  • Included in every visit, play, petting, brushing, or any other activity suggested by you
  • A kitty note is left for you indicating activity, mood, appetite, hydration, & bowel movement
  • Vacation pet care
  • 24-hour pet care
  • House sitting services
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