The Best Cageless Dog Boarding Service In South Florida

The Best Cage Free Dog Boarding in South Florida

The Best Cage Free Boarding In South Florida

Advantages of our Cage Free Boarding Service are:

  • Is a great kenneling alternative
  • Our private residence sits on 1-acre of securely fenced property
  • Your dog receives lots of attention and playtime
  • Included in every visit, play, petting, brushing, or any other activity suggested by you
  • Please schedule a visit to our home before boarding your dog with us. Email us!

Look At Our Beautiful Doggy Sanctuary!

Here are some pictures of our cage free dog boarding in action. The dogs always have a huge yard to run around in. Also, since we board your animals in our home we are able to provide 24-hour care to your pets. Unlike other dog boarding facilities that leave your dogs alone over night, we can always ensure that your pet is comfortable, safe, and happy with our 24-hour pet care service. Click on the pictures to see a larger view. Call us if you have any questions and would like to learn more about our cage free boarding facility.

cage Free Boarding in Miami24 Hour Pet Care Cage Free Boarding in MiamiThere are many benefits that come with boarding your dog with 305doggie. We have an awesome in home facility with plenty of toys and obstacles for your dog to play with. It’s like a doggy adventure as they roam through our tropical backyard forest. We have an acre of nonstop doggy fun at 305doggie.

If you would like to visit, call us so we can show you what we are talking about!

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